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Low Fin Tube  
We are one of the manufacturer of integral finned tube with 8 lines low-finning machine systems. This integral finned tubes are widely used as heat transfer tubes because of their large external surface area and high heat transfer performance compared with a plain tube.
Middle Finned Tube  
Middle Finned Tube is an integral extended surface tube designed primarily for applications which require outside and inside surface area ratios such as heating or cooling.
High Finned Tube  
This high finned copper tube is intgrally extended for the maximum surface area to achieve high tube efficiency. A good finned tube can be made by the strict conditions such as copper density, grain size and hardness. The heat transfer ratio of this high finned tube is about 8-9 times higher than other plain copper tube.
Inner Grooved Tube  
Inner grooved tube is an internal grooved tube designed primarily for direct expansion water chillers. Direct water chillers are used for airconditioning applications where in water is cooled on the outside of the tube by refrigerant boiling and expanding on the inside.
Spiral & Corrugated Tube  
Having spiral and wavy corrugations with large corrugated pitch on the both sides of the tube, high heat transfer efficiency can be obtained by well developed tubulant flow of the fluids inside and outside of the tube. The shape and heat transfer area of both sides of the fin tube are similar. So this tube is suitable for a fluid-fluid & gas-gas heat exchangers, water chiller etc.
Floral Tube  
Floral tube is used for heat exchanger of absorption refrigerating machine and heat pump. It is about 30% higher refrigeration efficiency than plain tube by adopting multi-cavities and surfactant. It also features cost saving as compared with conventional fin tubes by its advantage of easy to produce.
Fin Tube Process
1. Low Finning M/C Line
2. Low Finning Work
3. Profile Inspection of Low Fin Tube
4. BP Chemical / Alaska Project
Inner Finned Tube